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展会日期 2017-05-06 至 2017-05-07
展出城市 深圳市
展出地址 深圳大中华国际交易广场
展馆名称 深圳大中华国际交易广场
主办单位 上海商浦文化传播有限公司


Shenzhen Real Estate Expo 2017



Date:May 6th-7th, 2017

Venue:Shenzhen Great China International Exchange Square 




The Shenzhen Real Estate Expo 2016 Spring(SREX 2016) was successfully held at the Shenzhen Great China International Exchange Square in October, 2016. It attracted over 60 overseas property and immigration agencies from many countries and regions including Thailand, France, Australia, Spain, America, Canada, Britain, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea, Portugal and Cyprus. At the exhibition, high-quality property projects and services were exhibited. According to statistics, the Exhibition had 32 896 professional visitors and 200 foreign exhibitors; altogether about 150 orders of intention were signed; the transaction amounts reached up to USD 40 million. Eighty percent of the exhibitors were satisfied with the Exhibition, which was also highly praised by relevant government departments and businesses.

    With such success, The SREX 2017 is decided to be held in the same city- the fastest developing city in China-- Shenzhen, in order to let more rich investors find their target property projects and help more great real estate projects to be showed to target buyers. Lasted for 2 days with an exhibition area of up to 5 000Sqm. It is considered as a highly recognized international industry event by most exhibitors, investors and agents. Currently, regarded as the same as SREX 2016, the SREX 2017 is the largest and the most highly recognized international transaction platform in Southern China and the largest exhibition in the Southern Region, with the most visitors, the greatest influence and a preferential exhibition of Chinese and foreign exhibitors. 






Shenzhen, established as the first Special Economic Zone and the window of the China 's Reform and Opening Policy, which has developed into an international city with certain influence in the world, and created a remarkable record of " Shenzhen speed ."

Shenzhen is China's economic center in Southern China, ranked the fourth place among all the cities in China in Economy. It is also one of the best cities in mainland China with the best economic benefits, as the British " Economist" saying in 2013, " Shenzhen is the second place among the world's most competitive economy Cities " .

Shenzhen is located in the Pearl River Delta, connecting Hong Kong and mainland China as a strong tie and bridge, which is also an important transportation hub in the South China coast and play an important role in the Chinese high-tech industry, real estate development, financial services, exports and other aspects.

According to statistics, in 2015 the number of millionaires in Shenzhen has reached nearly 10 millions, total Guangdong Overseas investors are not less than 50 million people , thus, there is a huge demand for Overseas Property Investment in Shenzhen.

展会亮点Exhibition highlight

热捧: 海外购房大势兴起,华人热衷海外房产

Been touted:Overseas real estate trend rising, Chinese crazy for oversea property.

财富: 广东千万富豪18万人,深圳居首位

Wealth:180,000 millionaires in Guangdong and most of them in Shenzhen.

唯一: 中国(深圳)房产投资第一展,独一无二的海外地产销售平台

Uniqueness:The first Overseas Real Estate & Investment Immigration Expo in Shenzhen, unparalleled sales platform for oversea properties.

品质: 全球海外豪宅同台亮相,彰显至尊品味

Quality:Global oversea mansion show together, reveal the ultimate taste.

精准: 面向购房、投资、移民、留学、海外旅游等高端人士联谊推广

Precision:Advertising to high-end personage of real estate/ investment/ immigration/ study abroad/ oversea tourism.

联袂: 商会、协会等20多家机构联袂推广,共同邀请参观嘉宾

Co-marketing:More than 20 institutions of chambers and associations joint to promote and invite visitors.

传播: 逾100家媒体整合推广,报刊杂志全程追踪、电视台现场采访直播

Spread:More than 100 medias integrating promoting; Newspapers and magazine whole course tracking; TV station live interview on live.

推广: 香港银特博思展览集团丰富的专业观众数据库及展会推广经验

Promotion:HK Interaction Pros Group ‘s rich database of professional audience and exhibition promotion experience.

发展: 全场演绎奢华品牌,展示富丽生活,一站式采购咨询服务配套

Development:Full interpretation of luxury brands and the best living standard; One-stop procurement advisory services.

参展范围Exhibitor Profile

l 海外房地产开发商和代理机构Overseas Real Estate Developers and Agencies; 

l 土地、农场和酒庄投资Land, Farm, Chateau, Properties Investments;

l EB5区域中心投资项目EB5 Projects and Regional Center

l 海外留学和培训机构Overseas education and training institutions;

l 移民服务机构Immigration Serviced Agencies;

l 银行和金融机构Banking and Financial Institutions;

l 律师事务所law firm;

l 国际投资咨询机构International investment consultancy;

l 中介代理、媒体、室内设计与装潢Agents/ Media/Interior Design and decorate

专业观众Targeted Attendees

u 海外置业投资商、分销商、代理商,投资移民、留学咨询中介服务机构;

u 高端会所、俱乐部组织、高端物业、豪华别墅业主 、豪华车车主;

u 各级政要、部门领导、各大商会、各大企业集团、私企法人;

u 企业高管、海归人士、在沪外籍高管;

u 已经移民、正在移民、准备移民子女、已经出国留学的人士;

u 金融系统VIP高净值人士(银行、证劵、保险、基金);

u Overseas property investors, distributors, agents, institutions providing intermediary consulting services relating to investment, migration and overseas study;  

u High-end clubs, club organizations, high-end properties, luxury villa owners, luxury car owners;

u Key political figures, departmental leaders, legal representatives of commerce chambers, enterprise groups and private enterprises;

u Senior management of enterprises, overseas returnees and foreign senior officers in Shanghai;

u People who have emigrated, are undergoing emigrating formalities, preparing to send their children overseas or have been in the course of overseas study;

u VIP high net worth individuals of financial systems (banks, securities, insurance and funds).


A、标准展位:3X3=9m2 /16800人民币    国外企业:3000USD12m2


B、特装展位:1680元人民币/ m2,(室内光地36m2起租,不提供任何配置,展商可自行安排特殊装修或委托组织单位推荐展台搭建公司);

● 参展方式:


承办单位Undertaken by:


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